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Decarla's Beauty strives to make every person feel confident and amazing when the leaveIsn't it time for your check up from the neck up?

Signature Cuts & Colors


Starting September 2010 Decarla's Beauty Supply & Salon began offering a wide variety of styling, multi-shade hair coloring, designer haircuts, brow tinting, textures, thermal straightening, and highlight services to their already phenominal hair services making the salon a haven for bold, contemporary, fashionable looks.

Whether you want a new look for that special occasion or you are ready for a complete make-over, look no further. Decarla's Beauty Supply & Salon provides exceptional service to diverse clients in a unique atmosphere by implementing revolutionary techniques.

Our stylists meet the utmost standards in order to serve our clients with top quality.


Undenyable Services


- Sew in Weaving
A technique which is used to add length and volume by applying extension wefts to the client’s natural hair. This technique is not noticeable as the natural hair is braided underneath and cannot be seen. Weaving is a safe technique that does no damage to the client’s own hair, instead protecting it and allowing natural hair growth to continue.

- Fusion or strand by strand
This is a process done strand by strand in small sections. Using heated adhesive sticks made for extensions placed in a glue gun. Extension hair is added directly to your own hair. Your hair lies over the top for a natural look.This method is arguably the best, though the type of adhesive used is critical. Wax-based adhesives have a low melting point so a professional grade adhesive is a must.

- Cold bonding
Cold Bonding is a simple process that takes 30 to 60 minutes to attach depending on the amount of hair. A cold resin is applied to the top of the hair wefts that are then placed onto the natural hair close to but NOT touching the scalp. It is a temporary attachment method, which lasts up to a week, or until your next hair wash. Wefts of hair are attached flat and close to the natural hair line, using a cold resin, providing a smooth and comfortable finish. Cold Bonding is a less time consuming method of attaching hair and is ideal for those that want to add extensions for a short period or special occasion.

- Braids, cornrows, twists, locks
Braids not only hold your natural hair in place and protect it from daily exposure to the weather and normal environmental factors that cause wear and tear but are also are used to create a stylish new look for any occassion.

Braiding styles:
Latch hook/invisible braids
Cornrows with and without extensions
No knot cornrows
Flat twist
Comb twist (gel)
an much more...

- Clip-in hair extensions
Available in almost any length including human hair and synthetic. Clip-ins are the most simple and easiest way to beautiful hair. Clip-in pieces are great for people looking for an affordable way to add some volume, color, length to their hair and still be able to everything out at night.

- Custom wigs and pieces
Do you suffer from alopecia, pattern hair loss or trichotillomania? Do you want full, sexy, natural looking hair? Then a custom piece is the way to go.

- Hairstyling
We take into consideration your lifestyle, face shape, length threshold, and hair thickness before we even begin to style your hair, making sure you walk away feeling amazing.  Let us help you tame those tresses with one of our texturizing treatments. If your looking to change your hair color then our wide selection of rich colors can be customized for the exact look you’re going for: shimmering blonde, chocolate brunette, luminous red…you name it! 

- And many more...
Decarla's 'Style Technicians' are up to date on all the latest hair trends and products. If you aren't sure which process you should be using come in for a consultation and let us help you.

Hair Extension After Care


Having your Hair Extensions attached by a qualified professional at Decarla's Beauty Supply & Salon means you can be assured that your natural hair will not face any risk of damage from the hair extension attachments. 

If you want to add color, mass, length and panache to your hair than hair extensions care could be what you're seeking . Although there are different kinds of methods used in weaving hair, the results of a hair extension treatment are alike. Because of this reason, aftercare of your extensions should be applied by anyone who has extensions, regardless of the method used.

All companies that create weaving systems have their own info and guidelines about hair extension aftercare. In addition, each company manufactures their own products, from styling aids to brushes, which they recommend to use after undergoing treatment with their system. While these products are alike to each other regardless of brands, it is best to follow the instructions to maximize the effects.

The Dos and Dont's of Hair Extensions Aftercare

Bonded hair extensions shouldn't be washed instantly. Wait at least 2 days or more before washing. When 2 days have elapsed you can shampoo your hair with the suggested aftercare product for your hair extensions. During washing your hair, brush it softly to remove any tangles as this may damage your extensions during washing.

Softly massaging your scalp will assist your extensions. Avoid scrubbing your scalp or washing your hair upside down . The most important aftercare hair extensions tip is to cleanse your hair thoroughly. This is needed to get rid of the styling products, while stimulating your scalp. You should never shampoo your hair more than twice a day.

Decarla' Beauty Supply & Salon sell hair conditioners and shine sprays to enhance the look and feel of your hair extensions. Use it after shampooing your hair . Hair extensions easily loose color (when dyed) and hence will need to go through the process of de-colorization and re-coloring to get the color you want . Consequently, it is best to use a towel to dry your hair and not a hairdryer to avert color from fading. Should you be flat ironing your hair it is important to put a heat pre-treatment in each and every time.

If you've invested on your hair extensions, the best way to maximize its effects is to follow air extensions aftercare. Your extensions may only last a few weeks to months but with proper care they can be re-used the next time you feel like changing your look.



Decarla's carries a wide range of quality wigs for every style at every price point.

Are you dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy? Do you want an attractive, stylish, durable wig, or hair piece that will also be gentle to your sensitive scalp? Our mission is to provide cancer chemo patients with the best looking and highest quality wigs, hair pieces and hats that offer the most comfort to a tender top.

Typical non-chemo headwear is often too itchy and uncomfortable for a sensitive scalp that is sore from cancer chemo treatments. Our wigs and headwear offer superior construction and materials, which translates to better comfort for you. Chemo patients offen wear the same wig 12 hours a day, seven days a week for six-months or more, so you need a durable wig that will last the length of your chemotherapy treatments.

Salon Package

In addition to our outstanding everyday services, Decarla's Beauty Supply and Salon offer exceptional packages to suit your event needs including on-site beauty transformations.

We ask that you come in for a free consulation one week prior to your event to discuss the full extent of your beauty needs.

- Weddings
No need to let your hair grow out for the look you want to achieve on your important day. Let' Decarla's Beauty help you achieve that timeless classic style, inpsiring updo's or unique georgous flowing hairystyle through weaves, clip ins or front lace wigs. It feels great to be beauiful and now it's your turn.

- Pageants
Children, Teens, Adults. Get the winning pageant hair your looking for at affordable prices. It's the one style step that can't be overlooked.

- Modeling
Nothing is more important to a model than your headshot. Let Decarla's Beauty give you a hairstyle worthy of a professional headshot that showcases your versatility.

If your a photographer, Decarla's Beauty can work with you and your clients to give the models the flawless look needed to produce that selling photograph.

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quote  Amazing. I left your salon feeling like a new woman and my husband noticed. Thank you."

by: Deborah R

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by: Adriana N

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Decarla's Beauty Supply & Salon hosts the 1st annual customer appreciation discount party.

February, 2012
Decarla's Beauty Supply & Salon partners with Snohomish Health Care to promote Free Health and Beauty Fair on March 17th.


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